Navaratri. A vibrant festival when colors are flying all over the place. The enthusiasm, energy and the positive vibes fill the air all around and take the atmosphere to a whole new level.  

Navaratri marks the beginning of the long festive season of the year. At least for Gujarat, everyone is eagerly waiting for these 9 days of festivity. Right from new trending Garba steps to shopping new ethnic attires and accessories, we make sure that we are ready to show up our glam portion and rock the Garbas. It goes without saying that the most concerning and essential part of the preparation of all is to make sure that you get your look perfect. After all, you would not like it if the glow of your skin is not as happening as your attire.
It is of vital importance to make sure that you are taking adequate care of your skin before as well as, during the Navaratri seasonYour skin reflects the inside state of your body, and we are pretty sure that you would want a healthy, naturally glowing skin. So, here are a few ways that can make your skin glow naturally for this Navaratri!

1. Stay Hydrated
Drinking adequate water is very important during this time. Water keeps the skin hydrated and removes all the toxic elements from your body. Make sure you consume a liter more than what you usually do. The atmosphere during October usually is pretty humid already and on top of it, playing in higher number of crowds would mean a lot of sweating and to make sure not getting exhausted from it, you need to keep sipping water. Water is the easiest and most effective way of maintaining the natural glow of your skin. And again make sure that you have at least 2 to 3 liters of water everyday.

2. Have enough sleep
The delicate area under your eyes would be the first one to show signs of tiredness and aging. You surely would not want puffy eyes and dark circles to ruin your look. The simplest way to take care of this would be by taking adequate sleep every day. Having at least 8 hours of sleep makes your body rejuvenate from all the tiredness and exhaustion caused by dancing frantically over Garbas. Also, Navaratri won’t mean that you take a break on your work, so you have to make sure that your body has enough energy tokeep going all day and hence, taking proper sleep is very important. A fresh body would help you be cheerful and enthusiastic and keep your skin glowing and refreshing! 

3. Say no to fried food
Navaratri would also ensure daily exercise and cardio, but that would not mean to start eating anything you like. To begin with, your body would already be going through a lot of exhaustion and irregularities, and in spite of that, if you keep on munching unhealthy food, it is definitely going to take a toll on your body. You should avoid unhealthy food (especially fried) as it directly reflects on your skin. Snacking late night after Garba is also not a good idea. At least you should make sure that you eat something right. One should make sure that they take a heavy fulfilling breakfast, and avoid eating anything before/after Garba activities. It would be too much for your body to control all of it in one go. After all, nothing great having comes easily, right?

4. Exfoliate 
It is essential to keep exfoliating your skin regularly. It works as Detox and rejuvenates your glow. You might want to start practicing it before a week before Navaratri. Exfoliating your skin twice a week with a good exfoliator helps you remove dead skin cells from the epidermisNot only that, It vitally helps improve blood circulation which allows absorbing the moisturizing products betterThe perfect Navaratri look that you are looking for wouldn’t be much of an effort after exfoliating.

5. Home remedies such as lemon and honey water + rose water cleansing
Taking care of your body and skin is very easy, it requires only some consistent effort and attention. Our ancient home remedies have been devised keeping scientific principles in mind and are often the most effective techniques that can help you get the perfect glow. Cleansing your skin from wool pads soaked in Rose-water would not only moisturize your skin but make it softer and fresher. Drinking a glass of warm water every morning with a tinge of honey and lemon with it would cleanse your intestines and clear your body with indigestion, which would clearly reflect on your skin and make it glow naturally. Using Aloe vera gel over your skin surfacetaking a pinch of Turmeric powder and drinking a glass of milk every day would be very beneficial for your skin. All of this is pretty easy to do, and it only requires a bit of your time and attention. If you utilize these remedies efficiently, you would surely get glowing skin for Navaratri and steal all of the limelight! 

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