With all these festivals around, Indians just need a reason to binge. In all the commotion and excitement diets suffer the most. We tend to behave like unsupervised kids gulping down all the fried foods, sweets and delicacies around. Over-indulging during festivals can have a drastic effect on your weight. So how would you keep weight gain at bay and enjoy festive food without piling up on those extra kilos? 
Read on to find out. 

1. Don’t leave your home with an empty stomach. 
Festivals mean visiting relatives and friends and binging on all the delicacies they offer. Eat an excellent healthy breakfast before you leave your home. This way you can ensure to stay away from all the unhealthy food you see outside since your stomach is full. Prolonged starvation goes one with low blood sugar, and you end up eating more than required just to compensate for the drop of sugar level in your body. Leave your home after eating a small meal only 2-3 hours before stepping out. 

2. Drink a lot of water
Apart from keeping you hydrated water keeps you full. This way you won’t feel the urge to eat more. Just take a couple of sips every hour to keep your stomach full. Water is essential as it refrains you from eating calories at food stalls or at a relative’s place by keeping you satiated. Carry a bottle along if you are going out and drink it once every hour. 

3. Stay away from aerated drinks and vitamin waters
When thirsty, take a sip of ordinary water instead of grabbing aerated drinks and vitamin-infused waters. They are full of soda and sugar and doesn’t do you any good. 
Water will not only quench your thirst but also ensure you don’t drink those extra calories contained in aerated drinks and vitamin waters. 

4. Plan your week ahead
Plan your diet a week ahead and keep the festival day as the cheat day. This way you can eat healthy throughout the week and not worry about eating anything you want on the day of the festival. It is a smart way to indulge in healthy options and getting your hands on some fantastic food later without gaining any extra pounds. 

5. Choose your food wisely
Look out for healthier substitutes if you can’t completely stop yourself from eating. For instance, choose sugar-free labeled options instead of the regular ones or water instead of aerated drinks or steamed momos instead of fried momos. This way you can enjoy your favorite foods and eat your fill without always worrying about the calories.

6. Cut mithai into smaller pieces 
Instead of placing the whole barfi or other mithai into your mouth, cut them down into smaller pieces and eat them slowly. This way you can savor them slowly to curb your craving and consume a more modest quantity comparatively. Your brain will assume you’ve eaten more considerable amount and you will find yourself full and satisfied. 

7. Hit the dance floor 
Instead of sitting on the couch and lazy-eating hit the dance floor to burn some calories. Festivals mean merrymaking and music and there is always some kind of celebration going on. Take for example Ganesh Chaturthi or Navratri. You can still get up to dance. This way you can eat whatever you want and shed the calories by dancing. 

8. Go on a detox diet
Try to balance out the extra calories by going on a detox diet in the next 3-4 days. Make yourself some fruit smoothies and green tea to detoxify from the massive festival indulgence

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