Almost all of us have tried shedding those extra kilos at some point in our lives. While some are diligent enough to stick to strict dieting schedules and workout sessions, a majority of us have failed miserably. For all those times you hit the snooze button on your alarm to ditch your early morning jogging schedule, take lift instead of stairs because you are running late to work (just another excuse), or give into the temptation of a delicious looking calorie loaded piece of cake, your goal of losing weight goes down the drain.

We understand your struggles for losing weight. DKS brings you a list of common mistakes that you need to stop making in order to lose weight.

Eating mindlessly

You won’t be able to lose weight if you don’t follow a diet plan. Starving yourself isn’t going to help either. It decreases your glucose level which intensifies your urge you eat sugary and fried foods. Binging after workouts is a common mistake people make. People use workout as an excuse to binge afterward which according to them is a well-calculated move but the mathematics go wrong. What they are actually doing is throwing all their hard work down the drain.

Tracking what you eat can give you an accurate picture of your nutrient and calorie consumption. Also, you won’t end up consuming too many calories at once. Deciding on a cheat day can help you get a break from your diet schedules and satiate your urge to indulge in greasy sugary foods. It has scientifically been known to temporarily boost the metabolism by increasing the levels of leptin, ‘anti-starvation hormones’, thereby aiding weight loss.

Piling up those protein powders

Relying on protein powders is a not going to help you lose the extra fat you have accumulated. Different individuals have different protein needs, one needs to identify the right amount of protein one needs instead of mindlessly gulping down protein supplements.

Replace protein powders with natural and direct sources of proteins like Chicken, Eggs, and fish. And for all those vegetarians out there, you can get proteins from cheese, milk, yogurt, soya, nuts, beans and pulses, Remember, protein is the single most important ingredient for losing weight but only if done right.

Slacking on your food and sleep schedules

It has time and again been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and getting a sound sleep of about 7-8 hours is crucial for mental and physical health but people turn a deaf ear to this advice. People who are sleep deprived have increased levels of Ghrelin, ‘hunger hormone’ and decreased level of Leptin, ‘satiety/fullness’ hormone increasing an individual’s preferences for high-calorie food which in turn leads to overeating and weight gain.

Skipping breakfast is a cardinal sin you must not commit when you are dieting. In an experiment on the negative impacts of skipping breakfast, it has been scientifically proved that people who miss the morning meal have higher chances of gaining weight.
Skipping breakfast lowers your glucose levels and increases your cravings for sugary and fatty foods. Also skipping the first meal of the deal increases your hunger pangs which makes you gorge down whatever food that comes across your way during the day.

Expecting to lose weight too soon

You are not going to lose weight with just a day of working out and properly following your diet. It is not going to happen even in a week or maybe even two. Losing weight requires patience, hard work, and dedication to an expert suggested diet regime.
Work your way out in the gym, play some sports, take the stairs instead of elevators, eat your vegetables, get enough sleep and cut down on sugary and greasy foods. Small steps can go a long day when you are trying to lose weight.

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