Everyone seems to be trying to lose weight nowadays. Due to various reasons, there is a clear lack of clarity among people. Most people tend to induce Diets and Gym workouts and initially, they even might end up losing weight!
But, what you’re really wanting to do is lose fat. Anybody can lose weight. You just don’t eat. You will lose weight, unfortunately, the weight you lose will rather make you unfit and also lead to an unhealthy Lifestyle while Fat Loss would remove all the unnecessary fat from your body.
Honestly, losing fat can be a very tough job and requires a lot of dedication and hard work. After all, Fat loss requires continuous effort for the final result you want! And clearly, this cannot be achieved by just working out. So basically, fat loss is very demanding on your body.
Most believe that losing fat is mostly a matter of eating fewer calories than you burn every day
A successful weight loss would preserve as much muscle as possible and at the same time lose as much body fat as possible. Your body fat % is a key indicator of your success, not the scale!

So what exactly is the Difference between Fat loss & Weight loss?

And how can you achieve Fat Loss?

Your body weight is an amalgamation of various elements in the body such as water, fluids, muscles, organs, fat etc. Losing weight can be a result due to a loss in any of the element, for example, loss water by dehydration can also trigger weight loss. So clearly, weight loss is not synonymous with fat loss.

Weight loss = Muscle loss + Fat loss + Water loss

While, as the term suggests, it’s the loss of fat that your body carries.

Fat loss = Reduction of stored body fat    
Weight loss results only in a very small amount of fat loss and rather triggering muscle breakdown, which is a sign of unhealthy lifestyle. Also, muscle gain due to a muscle build through the right kind of food and exercise helps to burn fat.

If food intake is higher than the calories burnt = Fat Gain

If food intake is lower than the calorie burnt with no workout = Fat Loss + Muscle Loss

If food intake lower than the calories burnt and calorie burn through a workout = Fat Loss + Muscle Gain

Basically, fat loss can be triggered and achieved by burning your fat portion and raising your metabolism power. Also, when primarily Fat intake comes from unsaturated fatty acids e.g. vegetable oils, fish oil, flaxseeds, such god type of fat can help you to remain healthy rather than saturated fats coming from unhealthy processed foods. 
Fat loss does not mean that you are only relying on Meat or Proteins or excessive workouts and extreme diets. Rather, in the longer term, consuming a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy workout would help you provide a higher metabolism and achieve a significant fat loss.
If you try to achieve fat loss by starving, it will result in poor muscle gain and ultimately in poor metabolism. Thus, the real trick to effective fat loss is through maintaining metabolism via diet and workout.
Thus, taking up fat loss changes in the form of diet & workout should be a lifestyle change which allows your cells to burn fat constantly.

A fit body has lower levels of fat percentage, 10% to 15% for men and 15% to 20% for women. Your fat percentage is the true measurement of how fit and in which shape your body is.
Hence, focus on losing fat!

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