In a diverse country like India, festivity is a regular affair. We are habituated to celebrate all our festivals in the grandest way especially the festival of Diwali. Diwali, being one of the most celebrated festivals in the country is looked upon as a fiesta filled with lights, glamour, togetherness and most importantly happiness being served in abundance.   
The happiness is signified by our sumptuous meals during the festival that are usually filled with high calorie food items and sweets which are surely very delicious and tempting but can be very harmful for the health and even have an adverse effect on body weight. Coming back to shape after a long festival holiday can be very difficult and strenuous task, hence it is advisable to keep a check at your weight during the festive season itself and make sure to not put on weight during Diwali.

Read on these simple tips that would help you maintain your weight during Diwali:


  • Stay well hydrated

As a daily ritual one should drink plenty of water every day. One should make constant efforts to stay well hydrated. One can feel very heavy due to high calorie-loaded festival foods, but drinking enough water will help you feel much lighter. A lesser water intake can also lead to dehydration that would make you feel tired and low on energy levels. This can be taken up with a feeling of hunger and with the blood sugar dipping, it is found normal to eat on more of sweet and fatty foods starting a vicious cycle of weight gain. So, staying well hydrated can help avoid unwanted cravings and keep off from any extra weight gain.

  • Stay physically active

It is very important to be constantly active with some or the other form of physical activity and consume some or the other form of workout during the festival. Indulging in a physical workout such as regular gym routine or an early morning jog or a cycling session wold help burn more calories and increase fat burnt. This would not only help you feel more energetic but also keep a stringent check on body weight. Workouts will also induce an urge to drink more water and help you maintain your respective fitness levels post Diwali.

  • Eat Consciously

It may be tough, but being conscious of what you eat during festivals helps. When you have an idea of your food intake, it is a good idea to decide in advance how much you will be consuming during the festival and stick to it.
It is essential to divide your festival food and evenly spread it to all the days equally balancing out with other healthy meals
You can really fight back the festival food induced weight gain if you enjoy and relish balanced amount of high calorie foods only once a day. Avoid end up eating more amount of such of food on each meal of the same day as that would easily induce more body weight along with it.
So, keeping a check on the intake of sugar and fat-infused diet-killers and balance out heavy socializing and partying with workouts and healthy light foods is the best way to keep a check on your health.

  • Watch your portion sizes

The sight of a festive feast can challenge even those most dedicated to their diets. If you can’t control what you eat, manage how much you consume. Start by choosing a small plate to serve yourself – studies have shown large plates lead to overeating and with over eating would also ruin your plans to keep a check on your weight along with it.

  • Alternatives to Sweets

Sweets and fried snacks might be the traditional things you offer your guests when they come to wish you on Diwali, but you can add a hint of health to the plate by putting fruits and nuts on it. When you absolutely want to eat, eat a handful of dried fruits to avoid all the fat and sugar and reduce your calorie intake.
Feel free to enjoy and relish homemade sweets with natural sweeteners like sugar, honey, dates and jaggery. Keep your temptations away from sweets with artificial sweeteners and colours. The best time to have your Sweets is early mornings on an empty stomach. Sweets can also be consumed as standalone meals mid-morning or early evenings between meal gaps. It is very important to underline the fact that Moderation is key.

Keeping in mind these 5 steps can help have a hassle-free Diwali holidays without completely giving up on your favourite delicacies and keeping a check on your weight to avoid the strenuous post- holiday intense workouts.

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